Hmm, what to say…

I’m a California girl (not the fun parts, sadly) married to an awesomesauce guy, living with a bunch of dogs and birds. In my spare time, I dream of world domination and power beyond imagining – at least for my characters. Paranormal Romance has always been my first love; that, and Urban Fantasy. I love mixing the two, which isn’t too difficult since romance is an adventure all its own. 😀

One thing I love is to pull my favorite characters through the dirt and mud, make them bleed a little, before giving them their happy endings. Even then, it’s not always hunky-dory: I think that it’s the struggle that defines a person, not always the final goal. That said, I promise in all my stories to have:

1) A gorgeous, sexy man who loves his woman, would defend her to the death and beyond, and will follow her to the ends of the earth if need be;

2) Women who are strong, know how to take care of themselves, and don’t NEED a man to live their lives (heh, the guys are usually underfoot anyway trying to do the “protect” thing – eh, men)

3) Humor mixed with the drama, which is what makes good books IMO into great ones. :)