KODIAK MOMENT: A Werebear Shifter Romance

Kodiak Moment

KODIAK MOMENT: An Alpha Werebear Shifter Romance

Abigail Stone just wanted that perfect picture, the kind that would make a perfect final memory for her cross-country road trip. She didn’t want to leave this pristine wilderness, but real life beckoned, and she wanted one last parting memory. So when she caught sight of the giant Kodiak bear in her camera, she was sure it would be a winner.

Until a hunter’s gun rang out, and that giant bear started running straight at her.

Logan Tucker had come to this northern wilderness to get away from civilization, not be hunted by it. All he wanted was to be left alone, allowed to wander free, but now he was being shot at, and photographed by a nosy human woman, who may just be his mate.

Too bad he’s almost killed her.

A life-or-death decision means profound changes for both of them, and a return to civilization for the prodigal son. For Abigail, it means the life she had is gone, perhaps forever. But danger follows the duo back to the world Shifters thought was safe, and may end up threatening everyone they hold dear…

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  1. Can’t wait for Bearly Ever #3. This series has a great story, a refreshing Shifter Story with some meat to it, not just all hot sex, nothing wrong with the hot sex, but nice to have a great story too. Really enjoy the chemistry between Aiden and Ever.

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