Explanations, not excuses


Well, that didn’t go as planned.

Before I start, I’d like to say a few caveats: I’m not making excuses for my absence, nor am I blaming anyone else for me disappearing for *checks calendar and whistles* ten months.

*rubs hands over face*

I could tell you about depression, how my life seemed to spiral out of control last year even when it was some of the best months of my life. I had so many plans to make 2015 my bitch, to blast homeruns out of the park left and right. You know, good things, full of righteous awesomesauce.

And all it took was one (in hindsight) stupid little thing to make me withdraw into my shell.

The title “Kodiak Moment” wasn’t trademarked by me – actually, it was even a good friend who’d come up with it (and given me all the permission in the world to use it). Naive little me started telling everyone in the paranormal community about it before I even finished the book before it (“Bearly Ever”, which happily DID start releasing, first in serial then the full novel, last January), just so tickled by how wonderful the title was. I was excited when I started the second book, moving along at a nice clip writing-wise. Then, not even halfway through finishing KM, I did a search online to make doubly-triply sure it hadn’t been used since, competitive person that I am, I wanted to be the first.

And I got a hit. Somebody had used the same pithy name for book 2 in my Arcadia series that I’d been advertising everywhere since February of last year (wow, damn it’s really been a year! *eek*), with a similar blurb to the one I’d been circulating to get attention on my upcoming release, and…

I folded. I gave up. Right now, looking back on it, I’m not quite sure why it affected me so much. Well, okay I understand why I was so shocked and dismayed (hard enough to come up with a GREAT title, let alone having to CHANGE it when someone else uses it the same time as you), but I should have muscled through. The story all but begged to be told but…I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t. I tried, and I cried, and…it was pretty pathetic. I say that not to engender sympathy, but as a statement of fact.

So now, fast forward nearly a year, I’m finally over that initial shock. Mostly. I don’t blame the author who used it. Hell, I hadn’t published anything with it, just circulated the cover and blurb; and it’s not like I trademarked the phrase (although the play on words with my photographer heroine amused me). Funny enough, it was finding out someone else had used my first Arcadia title “Bearly Ever” for one of their books last month that jarred me out of whatever funk I was still in. This time, I found it amusing, the shock having worn off, and it finally spurred me to open up my second story and read through it again.

Now, to be VERY clear: I don’t hold any animosity toward ANY author who uses the same titles as me. Not saying I didn’t rage like a caged lion for a little while at being beat to the punch (remember people, competitive), but saner heads finally triumphed. And anyway, lol, there are only so many “bear” punny titles you can use without using somebody else’s – that’s something I’m discovering first hand now, a year after the whole werebear craze began. 😛

Anyway, I’m pleased to say that MY version of “Kodiak Moment”, book 2 of the Arcadia Knights series, is almost done and will be (depending on editors) released in the next few weeks. For anyone reading this, I just want to say thank you for sticking with me. I’m not writing this post as an excuse, more like an explanation of the past almost-year that I disappeared from view. It was silly, stupid, [INSERT PHRASE OF CHOICE HERE], etc, and I apologize.

Now, having said that, please excuse me while I go and do some wording on the not-so-new WIP. 😀 Promise, as soon as I know a firm date, I’ll be posting it everywhere, as well as a call for ARC readers. Whoever wants a copy of “Kodiak Moment” is welcome to it; I’ve taken this long to get it out, I might as well give it out to whoever still wants to read it!! Hope you enjoy, and talk to you again hopefully soon!


  1. So glad for you that your out of your funk. Please don’t tell anyone about your titles or your ideas anymore, some authors this past year have also had the rug pulled out from under them, with leading team members of their arc crew saleing them out or posting their books for free on other websites or to others that just bearly change a few sentences and publish first.
    It’s a cold curl world out there for everyone, but you just keep plugging along hun and do what you do. Hard, yes but depression gets to all of us in different ways so never apologize for that.
    Best of Luck and keep your head up and you’ll be okay!!

  2. Omg! I am so glad you are back, and ready to get working again 😀 Your Bearly Ever was my first bear shifter read ever 😀 I can’t wait for your Kodiak Moment 😀 … Just remember, Karma is a b*tch even if it takes awhile, especially for those who deserve it (whether bad or good karma 😉 Your upcoming successes will be the grand prize 😀 ~hugs~

  3. Thank you so much for your explanation! I’m so sorry that someone got to your title before you could fully publish. That does stink and I can totally see how that would take the wind from your sails. Thanks for continuing on. I really enjoyed Bearly Ever and look forward to Kodiak Moment. I really enjoyed your stories and can’t wait to see how it turns out. And if you have ARC to give out I’d happily take one 😉 Thanks again and I look forward to many more stories from you.

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